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Industrial Logistics

Corporate Main Office
6707 Theall Rd.

Houston, TX 77066

Tel: (281) 537-6755

Fax: (281) 537-7055






















company resume

Industrial Logistics supplies products, materials and services to the oil and gas industry. With over 50 years experience and our multi-disciplinary team we have helped clients to address a wide range of chalenges, optimize their projects, reduce their bottom line cost and increase their project turnaround.


Our Experience and professionalism guarantee an accurate assesment of customer needs and requirements of services and materials.

Industrial Logistics has qualified over 500 vendors. That allow us to offer a greater selection of products and materials as well as control over specifications, origin and grades required.

We are proud to say that we are one of the very few corporations that operate under a wireless inventory and warehouse management system. our six-sigma shipping accuracy, advance quoting and procurement software assure our promt response to any inquire.

Corporate Information

Industrial Logistics, was founded in 1995 by J. Alfredo Garcia, who served as executive for over 20 years in related Oil and Gas companies. Mr. Garcia’s vision was to establish a company build of high customer service values with a prompt and acurate response. Industrial Logistics is ruled by it’s Mision Statement phrase “On your site, on time, complete and correct the first time”.

Industrial Logistics is a Houston headquartered Corporation with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Tampico, Monterrey, Coatzacoalcos, Caracas, Quito, Sao Pablo, Bogota, Quito, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru and Panama.

Important Projects

Industrial Logistics has a long history of succesful projects. Some recent highlights include the following projects:

Colombia - Barrancabermeja, System Development and Project supplier. TEA 2, Planta de Parafinas MDV.
Mexico - Altamira, Cosoleacaque, Cadereyta, Akal-A, Akal-B, Akal-Q, Akal-W, Sinan-A, Sinan-B, Sinan-C, Sinan-D, Ekva-2, Aval-L, Carbon II, Refinería tula Hidalgo.
Ecuador - Esmeralda.
Venezuela - El Tablazo, Criogenico Jose, Exp. San Tome.
Brazil - Petroquímica Suape, Nafta Craqueada - Petrobras.

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company resume